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Our Product Suite

  • Market leading finance and insurance product administration platform

  • Fast, nimble delivery of application development and infrastructure operations

  • Secure and reliable, self managed, cloud hosted infrastructure with 24×7 monitoring

North America’s leading full life-cycle F&I product administration platform.

  • 60+ Customers

  • 8000+ Automative Dealers

  • 50+ Products including VSC,GAP Maintenance lease Wear & Tear, Tire & Wheel and many more.

  • 6+ million new F&I contacts per year

  • 75+ integrations to simplify workflow for all parts of StoneEagle F&I

Integration hub that enables single point integration for multiple F&I vendor services.

  • Get Deals from CDK light speed and other DMS systems

  • F&I Sales data from dealers

Integrated business intelligence for the full F&I industry value chain, including product providers, agents, and dealers.

  • Single source of truth all reports state the same value for the same metric.

  • Sales, claims and retro /reinsurance data all in one place

  • Configurable dashboards

  • Granular Access control

  • Responsive UI that is accessible from desktop, tablets and phones

Next generation F&I application development platform that delivers information-rich, intuitive user experiences

  • Responsive UI

  • Workflows

  • Alert system

  • Analytics and more